China Association of Private Equity

About us:
The China Association of Private Equity (CAPE) is a voluntary union and non-profit social group, jointly established by private equity industry players.

Founded in: 2009
Locations: China
Specialized in: CAPE has been guided and supported by relevant state authorities; Adhering to the principles of “Standardization, Internationalization, and Marketization“, it provides services to various funds and intermediary institutions registered in China. We are also committed to building the selfregulatory discipline of the PE industry, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of members, improving member’s professional capabilities, strengthening communication and cooperation among members as well as domestic and foreign PE investors, in order to promote the sound development of China’s PE industry.
Wechat: china-CAPE
Contact Person: Evelyn Zhou:86-10-88087035,
Jenny Chen:86-10-88087202


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