Together, China and Europe will be stronger

Matthias Schroeder LL.M. (Managing Partner, Head of M&A at Schroeder Xiang & Partner, and Jing Li Senior Manager at KPMG, China Practice Germany at the ICC 2014 in Beijing (from the left to the right). / Schroeder Xiang & Partner, Law-China.de经营合伙人兼并购交易部负责人Matthias Schroeder (左:法学硕士) 和德国毕马威中国事务部高级经理李晶(右)出席在北京举行的2014国际资本峰会。

The 5th ICC (International Capital Conference) was held in Beijing on the 20th and 21st October 2014. The main goal was to provide a current China-EU investment overview. The event attracted European companies from private equity, cross sector corporate M&A, leading industrial and energy companies to discuss outbound trade and enhance further investment opportunities.

In the panels “Outbound Investment” and “Private Equity: China Outbound” the attractiveness of the profitability of the European market for China was once more pointed out. Due to the Dragon Index in 2013 Chinese Outbound Investments (ODI) grew almost three times faster than Chinese GDP. M&A grew 35% and represents 59% of all outbound investments. The booming sectors for Chinese investments are resources, technology and consumer brands. The “high road” approach for M&A activities between China and Germany was named as the synergy between a European brand and the Chinese market.

One of the main sponsors of the ICC 2014 was the KPMG. With a German Desk in China and a China Practice in Germany they are well positioned in China inbound and outbound business . “In my opinion the private equity panel at the ICC 2014 created the most informative value. I am positive that Chinese PE houses will continue their ‘shopping tour’ abroad since the main driver becomes the accumulation of technological know-how, which match Chinese market needs. Generally spoken, PE houses will become increasingly relevant for M&A in Germany.” says Mr. Jing Li, Senior Manager at KPMG, China Practice Germany. Among the supporting partners was the China M&A Association, represented by their chairman Mr. Wang Wei. The German association Chinaforum Bayern supported the organizers to attract German enterprises to the event in Beijing.

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