4th International CTI Symposium China


Mr. Michael Schöffmann, Head of Transmission Development AUDI AG introduced Audi S-Tronic transmission efficiency measures by reducing drag losses in wet clutch systems, reducing actuation losses, reducing drag torque in general and adjusting drivetrain to engines (down-speeding). Innovations including axial arrangement of double clutch with wave springs, power-on-demand actuation, direct gearset lubrication by using transmission oil reservoir, and down-speeding by dual mass flywheels with centrifugal pendulums revealed the potentials of energy saving in the field of tradition transmission systems.

Dr Stefan Heller, Head of Development Hybrid Transmission Inline, BMW Group introduced the new BMW Hybrid-Powertrain with an eight-speed hybrid module, which is the first plug-in hybrid in a core brand BMW with longitudinal hybrid architecture. E-drive and eight-speed AT including speed adaptive dynamic vibration absorber are integrated in the hybrid module with P2 topology. The system optimizes the efficiency of ICE and e-motor and enables non-direct-shifts dynamics with help by electric motor. Furthermore, the module is equipment with gear prediction with innovative look-ahead functions.

CVT is commonly used by Japanese OEMs. Mr. Chengjun Zhang, Drivetrain Design Dept. Manager, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd. showed that low friction materials and bearings used in Totoya’s S-CVT for 2.0L engine will help to further enhance the fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, its sports-mode could provide dynamic driving experience. Mr. Shinji Morihiro, Corporate Vice President, Jatco Ltd. also believes that CVT fits better into the traffic conditions and driving patterns in China.