4th International CTI Symposium China

Currently the traditional transmission in China is dominated by AT (Automatic Transmission) with 72% to 73% market share. Mr. Shengqi Li estimated that in 2020, market share of traditional AT would decrease to 50%, and more advanced transmission technology would have larger market shares, e.g. 25% of DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) and 23% of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). At the moment, the Chinese OEMs are still in early stages of the transmission development. AT, AMT, DCT and CVT are all being developed in China. Mr. Shengqi Li thinks that various demands in the Chinese market require multiple transmission technologies and the different learning processes and resources from European/Japanese technologies in the past years are the mainly reason that the Chinese OEMs don’t share a common technical route for their  transmission systems. Mr. Xin Wang, Transmission Project Manager, Chongqing Changan Automobile Stock Co. Ltd. shared the process and findings of Changan’s DCT development projects. Changan believes that DCT development could benefit from its know-how in MT development in the past years and considering the comfort and cost demand among the Chinese customers, Changan decided six to seven speed for its DCT projects. Dr Yong Chen, Chief Engineer & Vice President, Zhejiang Geely Automobile Institute Co. Ltd. also introduced the latest progress of Geely’s hybrid transmission electric motor synchronization tracking gear shift process test research.