Morning Whistle Group Launches China Merger 2.0 during the 2nd Cross-border Investment and M & A Summit

Chinese Big Buyer—China Merger 2.0 Makes Its Debut


Wang Yunfan, CEO of Morning Whistle Group, along with a  number of senior leaders from award-winning enterprises,  unveiled China Merger 2.0 version—an online M&A  transaction platform owned by Morning Whistle Group,  marking the official launching of its latest version. According  to Luo Xiaojun, vice president of Morning Whistle Group,  China Merger was a platform for global tradable assets  information releasing and matching up. As such a platform, China Merger consisted of six major functional modules, namely, Seller’s Tools, Buyer’s Tools, Tools for professional agencies, User Center, Transaction Development, as well as Subscription Services. Users could make full use of this platform to achieve a variety of purposes, such as listing, managing certain businesses for sale or requirements from buyers, realizing online matching up, releasing and searching for professional service information, as well as subscribing information. Through powerful channels, China Merger successfully established global partnerships with numerous global institutions, among which were business promotion governmental agencies from different countries, industry associations, well-known law firms, investment banks, as well as PE funds. On the premises of security and confidentiality, China Merger had provided its users with batches of information concerning global tradable assets.

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