Morning Whistle Group Launches China Merger 2.0 during the 2nd Cross-border Investment and M & A Summit

Industrial Capitals Work Together with Cross-border M & A Funds to Accelerate Overseas Expansion

Meanwhile, a number of super “Chinese big buyers” took their latest overseas investments as examples and made introductions of the new trends of cross-border M & A to the audiences. Wang Jie, vice president of Jinjiang International, delivered a detailed speech on the new thinking and technology of the international investment from legal perspective. Li Xiangsheng, CEO of Bohai Industry Investment Fund, made an analysis of the new trends of current Chinese enterprises’ overseas M & A from the perspective of the M & A history in banking sector.

During the 2nd Cross-border Investment and M & A Summit held by Morning Whistle Group on the afternoon of April 18th, centering on the themes of buyout fund and enterprises’ overseas investment, many super “Chinese big buyers” participated in a very wonderful roundtable dialogue.

From 2014 until now, apart from traditional manufacturing enterprises, buyout funds have become an important newly emerging force in China’s cross-border M & A sector. During the “Buyout Funds” roundtable dialogue, Zhu Yang, president of Nord Engine, talked about the opportunities and challenges in the merging and acquiring European SMEs from the PE perspective. Lin Xianghong, CEO of Oriza Holdings, took the company as an example and pointed out the possible problems that could arise during Chinese enterprises‘ overseas M & A processes.

During the “Enterprises” roundtable dialogue, Liao Feng, executive vice president of China Minsheng International Capital Co., Ltd, shared production-finance integration experience and also introduced the new mode of cross-border investment facilitation. Based on its own overseas M & A experience, Zhong Zhihao, executive vice president of SanPower Group, introduced the inspirations and experience essential for Chinese enterprises‘ going-out. Qian Jiannong, vice president of Fosun, first talked about the 15 overseas M & A cases that Fosun had undertaken in 2014, and then gave a detailed explanation of Fosun’s two-wheel driven investment mode.

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