Morning Whistle Group Launches China Merger 2.0 during the 2nd Cross-border Investment and M & A Summit

How to Find the Best Candidate for Cross-border M & A Management 

In the afternoon of 19th, Wang Yunfan, CEO of Morning Whistle Group, chaired the forum of “Find the best candidate for cross-border M & A management: the opportunities and challenges facing facilitating agencies”, attended by a number of important figures, including Li Yong, vice president of Trade & Finance Division, China Minsheng Bank; Yu Luwei, director and general manager of Zurich General Insurance Company (China) Limited; Wu Chenyao, secretary general of the Strategy Committee under the Administrative Committee, Dacheng Law Offices; Tang Yong, vice president of ZhongHe Appraisal Co., Ltd.; Guo Yufang, partner of Clairfield International; and Huang Jia, principal partner of PWC (Shanghai). Centering on current Chinese enterprises’ service needs in overseas M & A, problems facing different institutions, and the existing solutions, from various perspectives concerning the law firms, banks, financial affairs, investment banks, as well as assets appraisal, they made detailed analyses in a comprehensive way.

How Cross-border M & A Changes Pubilc Companies

And the last keynote forum—“How Cross-border M & A changes public companies” was chaired by Wang Shiyu, president of FGFM Consulting. Centering on the theme of “public companies & cross-border M & A”, several distinguished guests shared with the audiences the specific cases regarding the problems and challenges facing Chinese enterprises today during their cross-border M & A processes, and also provided diversified solutions to those different cases based on their own experience. Among those guests were Xu Minglei, director assistant of the Management Department of Shanghai Stock Exchange; Li Yajun, vice president of Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd.; Liu Shulin, managing director of the Investment Banking Division of China International Capital Corporation Limited; Shi Dekai, general manager of Lenovo (Greater Shanghai); Li Yunbo, vice-general manager of Offshore Finance Division, China Merchants Bank; as well as Chen Biao, CEO of Xilong Chemical Co., Ltd..

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